Granny Pokers

Granny Pokers Review

Some old babes have given up fucking their brains out but not Marylin. She's such a dirty fuckslut that she'll get you to blow your load right onto her tongure so she doesn't miss a drop. Watch the nasty bitch get fucked out of her skull and then take a full load of hot sticky cum right on the tip of her tongue. - Visit "Granny Pokers"

Score: 94.4%

Older, more experienced, as horny as hell and ready to fuck their brains out ... that’s the best
way to describe the over-sexed over 50’s babes that we’ve got waiting for you here.
And with out hi-def technology we get you up close and personal to every single one of
them so come on in and watch these babes get hammered. - Visit "Granny Pokers"

Annie might be a little older but this horny babe can still turn heads and that works for her because she's always hungry for cock. This time her cute ass has attracted a guy who really wants to fuck her brains out and she can't wait to get naked and spread for his cock. Come on in and watch as this horny old slut gets some hard fucking that's really going to make her day. - Visit "Granny Pokers"

Bonus Content

The older our babes get the more hungry for hard cock they become and now they’re downright insatiable.
Come and slip your cock into the action and watch these old fuckers go wild and
experience a whole new level of hardcore porn with our hi-def video.

Visit "Granny Pokers"


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