Crazy Gay Bus

Crazy Gay Bus Review

This longhaired guy was fast. Even before Jermaine found a place to park the minivan he was already on his knees with Marcus’ cock deep in his mouth gagging on it like a naughty cum-starved slut. Jermaine joined the fun and our guys kept trading places till their cute passenger got enough of sucking their dicks and assfucking ready to have his every hole filled with hot semen. A few moments later he got his wish fulfilled on a couple of powerful cumshots shooting goo all over his lips and anus. - Visit "Crazy Gay Bus"

Score: 95.6%

I don’t know what this cute white guy has been waiting for sitting on the ground near the road, but what happened next must have gone far beyond his most daring fantasies. He hopped in our crazy gay bus faster than anyone else before him and it took our guys no time to get him naked and plunge a couple of heavy tools between his lips and buttocks. Double-teamed in the back of our minivan by two skillful drivers he took a nifty mouthful and gave us his number to call whenever we wanted another ride. - Visit "Crazy Gay Bus"

You know we love hitchhikers cuz they are usually some pretty college boys with no money to pay for their travels and no moral restrictions regarding sex with men. That’s why we never miss a chance to pick up some cherry-ass sophomore like this one who didn’t need to be asked twice to suck some dick taking on two at once like a greedy slut. His ass was a piece of art – so warm and so tight, and he didn’t want to let go of our cocks until he got his mouth filled to the brim with sticky ball cream. - Visit "Crazy Gay Bus"

Visit "Crazy Gay Bus"


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