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Katty took the lead for good with this one seducing her cute college friend and turning a shy girl into a newborn horny lez. Her tongue rambling all over this sexy blonde's body made her arch her back and moan of pleasure and she responded with unexpected passion locking her lips on Katty's nipple and sucking it like a hungry baby. Katty couldn't wait to bury her tongue between girl's labia and soon got her on her back with her legs spread wide ready for her first ever orgasm. - Visit "Bet On Lesbian Sex"

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Sometimes the most innocent thing like a little picnic can end up in the most unexpected way. Katty and Olga, two long-time friends, got down and dirty under a shining sun French-kissing, licking pussies and caressing horny clits like two sex-starved sluts. They were all over each other's bodies lapping labia and sucking juices from each other's sweet honey pots and a few orgasms later a new lesbian couple was born and their exciting pussy-hunting contest started. - Visit "Bet On Lesbian Sex"

Having the lead in a pussy-hunting competition made Katty even more confident and she took a chance on this glamorous brunette she met at the club the other day. Gosh, this honey pie looked so seductive in her sexy black stockings that Katty's pussy turned wet in no time. The girl was horny too and after some passionate French-kissing she found herself on her back moaning of pleasure with Katty's skillful tongue and fingers caressing her clit and sweet juicy bud. - Visit "Bet On Lesbian Sex"

Visit "Bet On Lesbian Sex"


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