Two Dicks In One Ass

Two Dicks In One Ass Review

We wreck rectums and leave double dicked sluts leaking liquid joy juice!Anal addicts need two cocks to feed their starving assholes!We had to plug these gaping sluts somehow! - Visit "Two Dicks In One Ass"

Score: 94.4%

The blonde angels first thought we were going to cast them for showbiz or similar shit. But soon the idea was smashed out of their heads with fat hairy shafts! The chicks grew so horny they ate each other like crazy, until their buttcracks were juiced enough for some double destruction. - Visit "Two Dicks In One Ass"

The eyes of this posh brunette simply radiated 'fuck-me-senseless' in the air. The slut settled for nothing less than two thick rods up her mouth and shitter! Dirtier than the devil, she easily took both the cocks up her backdoor wide as a fuckin' subway, and licked our buttholes in gratitude! - Visit "Two Dicks In One Ass"

Bonus Content

This fiery bitch got everything needed, style, perfect tits and a set of perfectly stretchable holes. Hope she can still walk after we widened her openings with some serious double-schlong torture! Tears burst from her eyes, but they got soon mixed with boiling jizz from both hoses.

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