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Smooch My Ass Review

Cock-hungry whores will cover you in whipped cream and eat your ass like an ice cream sundae. - Visit "Smooch My Ass"

Score: 93.3%

We love sluts!Our girls will lick a tight asshole and then come up for a deep tongue kiss.These naughty nymphomaniacs are as nasty as they come and leave no hole unexplored. - Visit "Smooch My Ass"

This beauty got so carried away with licking her lover.s butthole that she got all of her makeup messed up. Her skillful tongue polished guy.s anus clean and made him moan of pleasure and crave for more oral contact. He appreciated girl.s ass-cleaning effort and turned around to shove his horny cock into her mouth for a nasty deepthroat blowjob. Minutes later with her mouth filled with hot sperm and her throat stretched after deep face-fucking this slutty bitch looked like the happiest being on Earth. - Visit "Smooch My Ass"

Bonus Content

This silly bitch wanted to be a model, but ended up smooching and licking ass like a dirty whore. We picked her up at one of the local castings and she soon found herself on her knees facing a couple of shiny buttocks. She wasted no time sticking her tongue into our guy.s anus and gave his ass a dream licking before switching to his curved throbbing cock. The bitch was good in sucking too and didn.t let go until she got her mouth filled with cum and her sexy cheeks covered with white sticky syrup.

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