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All we wanted from this beach babe we met last Sunday was a mild handjob, but as she got wild and horny she gave us much more than we had expected. This hottie was into licking balls and she made us envy the guy she chose for this video running her lips and tongue all over his nuts while stroking his cock with her right hand. When she got done with guy's balls and completely switched to his cock he didn't last long and erupted like a powerful sperm-volcano pumping his sticky white jizz right into her mouth. - Visit "Jerk It Baby"

Score: 92.2%

We picked up this glamorous babe on a beach and ran away to a quiet place far enough from curious eyes to have some hardcore fun in the open air. She knelt down wrapping her fingers around our guy's cock and pulled it towards her mouth as if trying to stretch it to the maximum. She used her hands and lips like a pro and soon had our guy shaking and sighing of pleasure. All of a sudden she gave his cock a few quick strokes making it erupt shooting cum all over her lovely tits an delicate shoulders. - Visit "Jerk It Baby"

We nicknamed this slutty chick Flower', but taking into account the way she sucks dick we should have probably called her vacuum cleaner'. We met this perfect whore on a playground babysitting some rich kid and the moment she heard our offer she dropped down on her knees, grabbed our guy's cock and slammed her lips into it with a sigh of pleasure. 5 minutes into the action her gentle hands and lips made our guy approach orgasm and the bitch begged for a cumshot spreading her lips to catch every drop of his hot semen. - Visit "Jerk It Baby"

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With her pink pussy pie dripping wet and craving for fuck this hot brunette took on our guy's cock like a sex-starved slut jerking it off and getting naked along the way. Turning a short shrunken pod into a strong and powerful fuck tool always made her so horny that she was ready to fuck the whole army. She dropped down on her knees to sniff his pre-cum and then got on top of him to continue masturbation and get his throbbing pole ready for her wanting cunt.

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